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The Basics and Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

As human beings we are spiritual creatures. Our spirit is an undeniable part of us that hungers for a connection to something bigger than ourselves. It could be God, science, a sports team, a career, a loved one in need and so on.

The good news is that we don't have to look very far to satisfy this rather mysterious part of who we are. You've probably already done things to be spiritually healthy.

If you're finding yourself operating on autopilot without a real connection to what you're facing or you don't feel like what you do really matters, then it's likely that you might be needing to elevate your spiritual wellness.

There are other key aspects of wellness that work in conjunction with spiritual wellness to enable us to be the best possible version of ourselves. Here you'll get an understanding of what spiritual wellness is and what the benefits of prioritizing it are.

Spiritual Wellness In Essence

It's easy for us to know when we're experiencing some kind of wellness but it can be hard to elaborate on what it is. Some might simply say that wellness is happiness or just feeling good and that's fair enough.

I finished reading How to Do the Work by Nicole LePera, PhD, recently and my perspective on the spiritual aspect of ourselves shifted through that read. LePera explains that our spirit is the part of us that needs to be seen, heard and expressed authentically, and we go through spiritual trauma when these needs aren't fulfilled. This trauma has such a great power in weighing us down, keeping us away from feeling good or well (which goes without saying).

We can experience spiritual trauma because of the rejection from others, but we can also impose spiritual trauma on ourselves. When we neglect our spiritual wellness we reinforce any spiritual trauma we may have been through.

Spiritual wellness is about feeling included in something you consider to be deeply important. It's impossible to feel a connection to a higher power if you don't feel like you're truly part of the equation of what's meaningful to you.

When I had some time going to the church I'm a member of now I didn't feel particularly spiritually well. I've noticed that my spiritual wellness has been at its peak this year because I've gotten much more involved at church and I feel like I belong there. I'm seen when I'm greeted and hugged by other believers, I'm heard when I get encouragers after sharing in a class, and I can use my God-given gifts to be a blessing to others.

Bring On the Benefits

Being an active church member has done wonders for my spiritual wellness. Maybe your spiritual wellness practice looks more like volunteering at a homeless shelter, taking care of your elderly parents, being a lifelong learner or posting wholesome memes on social media. No matter what it is, make sure that you feel comfortably seen, heard and accepted in that spiritual practice that connects you to a higher power.

So what can you get out of having a solid spiritual practice and consequently developing spiritual wellness?

Brain Boost

Here's what LePera says on How to Do the Work based on relevant scientific literature:

"...people who are engaged in consistent spiritual practices activate and even expand the size of their prefrontal cortex--the site of the conscious mind" (page 208).

The prefrontal cortex plays a significant role in cognitive control, organization of memories and the guidance of emotional behaviors.

Leaving a Legacy

Spiritual wellness is a gateway to leaving your mark on the lives of others, to a greater or lesser extent. There's so much wisdom that comes from being spiritually well, and sharing that wisdom creates a positive ripple effect.

I've shared what I've learned from my spiritual wellness practice with family members and clients. There's never a dull moment when a pour from my spiritual wellness onto others.

No Nonsense

A spiritual wellness practice puts things into perspective over time. You start to see how you are part of the world around you in a special way.

I've discovered that instead of asking life to answer my questions, my spiritual wellness practice has allowed me to more confidently answer the questions life has for me. I'm not so much asking why this is happening but how can I respond in accordance to my values, which helps to bypass confusion.

In Summary

  • Our spirit can be thought of as the part of ourselves that wants to be seen, heard and expressed authentically.

  • Feeling disconnected from our lives and the world is a sign that we're spiritually unhealthy.

  • We achieve spiritual wellness through a spiritual practice that connects us to something bigger than ourselves.

  • When we work for the wellness of our spirit our spirit works for us to boost our brain, leave a legacy and help us become sense makers.

What does spiritual wellness look like for you?

I'd love to get your thoughts on this. Leave a comment or follow @pursuitofeureka on Facebook and Instagram.

Sending you my best wishes in your journey of discovery,


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